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Network management is preventive medicine for your network -- as important to protecting your network as that annual physical is to your personal health.

Without proactive management, network personnel primarily react to equipment failures or user complaints. It takes longer to pinpoint the source of a problem. Getting it solved may require several trips to a remote location. The extra work causes delays in other important projects. Critical routine tasks such as reviewing data backup logs or maintaining anti-virus software may fall off the plate all together – leaving your network vulnerable to more and bigger problems.

Network management helps you gain control of your network:

  • minimizes network “down” time
  • increases the efficiency of your IT staff
  • enables remote problem resolution and administration
  • enables centralized support of multiple locations
  • helps extract maximum functionality from equipment
  • enables informed planning for network upgrades & re-design

… all of which contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Many companies invest in management tools that sit on the shelf or are under-used because they’ve never been properly installed and configured.

If you own or want to purchase network management tools, Mien offers:

  • complete installations of net management systems on your site
  • customization and integration of multiple management products
  • on-site staff training
  • remote net management services to supplement your internal support operations

Net Management Outsourcing:
Mien’s Early Warning System

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