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Unlike e-commerce hosting companies that provide cookie-cutter solutions, Mien provides in-depth, flexible service that gives critical and growing systems the dedicated support they need. Our customized e-business services provide cost-effective support to a limited number of companies whose equipment can be housed at our data center (see Level 2 service below) or at a fully outfitted co-location center (see Level 3 service below).

Mien's Level Two customers locate their e-business applications, data storage or web sites on dedicated equipment at Mien's data center, utilizing Mien's backbone for redundant Internet access and network management. This level of service is ideal for technology start-ups or established companies in the early stages of developing web or extranet technology as a strategic business tool. During the development and pilot phases, they can entrust Mien with their infrastructure and focus instead on software development and site design. Though these customers may require top-tier colocation facilities in the future, at this stage such facilities charge top dollar for physical infrastructure beyond their needs and - just as important - lack the ability to provide attentive, flexible engineering support. At the other end of the spectrum are the many web hosting services that require customers to choose from a limited menu of pre-packaged services that don't quite fit their needs.

Mien's Level Three is a similar program that supplements the colocation services of the top New York City-based colo facilities. Mien's Early Warning System (MEWS) is used to provide continual information on the status and performance of all equipment components and critical software services. Engineers are dispatched to the colo center as necessary to address physical hardware problems.

System installation and configuration
Round-the-clock performance and status monitoring via our
state-of-the-art network management backbone
Live email & paging alert system
Hardware and OS support
Support for custom back-end software platforms
Problem resolution with software developers
Problem resolution with connectivity providers
Firewall services
Data backup services
Daily health status reports
VPN site access for software developers and admin personnel

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