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In an era of rapid-fire globalization, mergers & acquisitions, and the rush to e-commerce, many organizations are growing and changing shape faster than their capacity to plan for it. Growth comes in many forms, but it boils down to more people needing to move more data faster to a greater variety of places.

In response, many companies end up in 'fire-fighting' mode: buy more servers, more bandwidth, more ports to fix this problem now. The immediate job might get done, but in short order, you've got a network that's stretched beyond its capacity without a core infrastructure designed to meet today's needs - much less tomorrow's.

If this sounds like your organization, you've probably headed down a path that's wasting enormous financial and human resources. You've bought too much of one thing, not enough of the other, invested in the wrong products, and signed on with the wrong service providers - and your users and business partners are still complaining that the net doesn't work. No one's had time to think about whether its secure. And maintenance? Reliability? ...The valuable people running your network are stressed and overworked, without the right tools to keep it going.
Mien's network architects can help you get a handle on growth, providing services in::
  • Network baselining to establish a guideline for measuring future performance as a tool to assist in ongoing needs assessment
  • Traffic and performance analysis, using a variety of tools to identify bottlenecks root sources of performance problems
  • Network design, specializing in high-availability networking, high-speed routing and switching solutions, and sensitive security environments
  • Phasing plans to align long-term growth needs with budgetary constraints and strategic priorities
  • Third party consultation, including the development of RFPs for use in soliciting competitive bids

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